Producer vs Consumer

March 5, 2008

I realize that the den will probably get less visits if we eliminate doom and gloom talk but that is what I have decided to do. I hate negative people and negative energy so why even talk about it. My mind was plaqued with enough of it in 2007. Afterall it is all about mindset anyways.

When you can control your own mind and when you can control a culture you can literally create anything you want. When you lose control of a culture – you lose performance. I think someone said it best in the following quote, “In a society where anything goes eventually everything will.”

We all must remind ourselves of the basic RULES OF LEADERSHIP

*Constantly Communicate Vision

*Confrontational Leadership

*Decide, Design, Create, Attract

*Be, Do, Have

*Act in Highest and Best Use

*Razor Sharp Focus

*Explosive Energy

*Constantly Evolve (Grow) & Set New Standards

*Implement & Execute

*Excitement, Ethuasiam, Passion, Conviction & Collaboration

*Always See the Job Through

*Unwavering Faith

*Balance not Indulgence

*Outstanding influences & Mentors

*Deal with Adversity


1. Profitability

2. Strategy

3. Opportunity

4. Performance Driven Culture

5. Growth

6. Integrity

Five Tracks Of Wealth has some really cool stuff on thinking like a producer.

Print this producer-mindset.doc and expand your mind!

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