Striking Harmonious Chords – Contribution

June 21, 2008

“And once you teach them to give back, life becomes a lot more fulfilling. The only way to get fulfillment is through contribution and giving. That’s what I believe.” -Bill Lyons.

I completely forgot about this article and never even new it came out. I hope it can remind us all to contribute and give on a higher level.

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Amid Slump, Loan-Officer Compensation Gets Second Look

June 10, 2008

There is a great article in American Banker dated June 9th, 2008 discussing how the mortgage crisis is causing some lenders to rethink how to compensate loan officers.

I do like some of the proposals like paying the loan officer over time like the insurance industry or how they pay loan officers in the UK. Residuals are always nice and it gets sales thinking long-term.

The more people you can get thinking long term the better everyone will do. If I were able to offer residuals I know the quality and professionalism of my originators would drastically increase and so would the culture.

It would eliminate/reduce short term limited thinkers who are out for the quick buck! It would improve loan quality and reduce risk for all involved in the food chain from origination, warehouse, secondary, investor and servicing.

Memorial Day!

May 24, 2008

I wish you and your family a peaceful Memorial Day holiday, as we remember the sacrifices of all of our Armed Forces servicemen and women, past and present, who have worked so hard to protect our great country. I truly appreaciate all that you have and continue to do for the country! We honor you!

New California Cell Phone Law!

May 19, 2008

Take the time to read the wireless telephone laws FAQs from the CHP website.

The new law goes into effect July 1st 2008. Time to go out and get a hands-free device / Bluetooth phone

Kick For A Cure

May 9, 2008
Please take a moment to read this post…it is a “request for help” and is a very important message from my friend Jason Gordon (one of the directors of Kick For A Cure.) I will be contributing and I hope you can as well.

As you may know by now, my wife Helena & I have a nephew named Dusty who has been battling a very serious genetic disease called Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD).  To better help you understand the impact of DMD, I will provide you just a few brief facts:
  • DMD affects approximately 1 boy for every 3000 born (regardless of race), and is the most fatal genetic disorder that exists
  • There is currently no cure for DMD, although recent ground-breaking research is providing significant hope
  • Most young boys who have DMD do not live past their teenage years
  • For comparison, DMD is basically the childhood version of ALS (Lou Gehrigs Disease)
  • For more information about DMD, please visit website
The Event
In 2005 & 2006, we threw the first 2 annual Kick For A Cure fundraisers and raised over $70,000 towards DMD research.  In 2007, we created a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization and “re-tooled” the organization from the ground up.  We now have a Board Of Directors (visit here for details), along with a new Tournament Director and Event Committee.  The next Kick For A Cure will be held on June 21-22, 2008 (in 45 days) I will very briefly summarize the event, but encourage you to visit for more information.  The event will feature:
  • A 6 vs 6 Soccer Tournament featuring 140 Teams from all skill-levels, age groups, and genders (including co-ed teams)
  • A “FunZone” that will provide a “festival-like” atmosphere to enjoy in between soccer games
  • A “Vendor Village” showcasing local vendors & merchants
  • Celebrity Appearances & Live Music
  • Trophy presentation ceremony
  • Heavy media coverage “leading up to” and “during” the event
How Can You Help?
My request of you is very simple…PLEASE HELP SUPPORT THE CAUSE! Please trust that I wouldn’t ask you for your support if it wasn’t extremely important.  You can provide your support by doing the following:
  • Forming a soccer team (or helping us find teams): (remember all skill levels can participate).  Information on how to register is under the “Tournament” page (for more information on the tournament, please call Gerhard Neuendorff (Tournament Director) at 858-354-2349) 

  • Volunteering your time at the actual event Visit here for details on how to become a Volunteer, or call Jane Petro at 619-300-0415.
  • Helping to locate Event Sponsors (visit or call Jason Gordon at 619-200-8031)
  • Helping to locate Vendors who would like to set-up a booth in the “Vendor Village” (these Vendors will benefit by having a platform to display their product or service amidst heavy foot traffic (3,000 people expected in attendance throughout the weekend))Vendor information or call Lisa Freedman at 619-278-9436
  • Donating (and/or encouraging others to donate) to the cause  (look on left margin) for a Donate link
  • Helping us reach the Media (if you have contacts in the media, we would love their help in spreading the word about Kick For A Cure!)
  • Understand this disease — we have provided a short video on the website that will help you understand the terrible impact of DMD (warning: the video is very powerful).  You can watch this short video (called The Duchenne Timeline)
  • Visit the website: Spend at least 10 minutes of your time (preferably within the next 24 hours) and familiarize yourself with the event, the charity, and the cause.  That website (once again) is
  • Spread the word to others to visit the website and devote a minimum of 10 minutes reading through it (the sooner you spread the word to others, the more impact it will have on the event)
Final words:
You may remember Dusty from our wedding (if you were there).  He was the cute little blond (4 year old) ring-bearer who proudly marched up the aisle and delivered the rings while the entire audience smiled, pointed, and “aaaaahed.”  Here we are 10 years later…Dusty is now confined to a motorized wheelchair, receives constant physical therapy, medical treatments, etc., and has lost the ability to do most things “independently” that we all take for granted.
If there was a way we could personally help cure him (donating bone marrow, kidneys, other organs, etc.) without involving you, believe me when I say that we would.  People just like us all over the world who have a loved one with DMD are forced to helplessly watch the deterioration process that eventually eliminates all functionality of every muscle in the body (including the heart at the latest stages).  We watch charities like the Muscular Dystrophy Association spend millions of dollars each year sending these kids to camps, buying wheelchairs, and arm-braces.  Although those gestures are nice, believe me when I say that when you have a loved one with DMD, you’d much prefer all of that money be spent towards finding a cure (we’ll gladly buy our own wheelchairs & arm-braces in the meantime).
We are doing our best to allow Dusty and others just like him to live “normal” lives.  I’ve always tried to “give” much more than I “ask” throughout the years (and have supported many other charities as well)…please recognize the sincerity of my request and do everything you can to contribute to the success of KICK FOR A CURE.  I won’t bombard you with additional emails or phone calls.  It is ultimately up to you to choose whether to help us from this point forward.
Thank you in advance for your support, understanding, and friendship. Helena & I greatly appreciate it.
Jason (& Helena)


May 7, 2008

It amazing me at how many people look at investment opportunities and don’t even take TAXES, INFLATION and DEBT into consideration. Those alone can make or break a deal!

This months P4P newsletter discusses those things and…

Buy-Sell Agreements

Indentity Theft

Creating an “Inheritance Portfolio”

The Soda Game


The Seven Principles of Prosperity

May 7, 2008

1. THINK – Owning a prosperity mind-set will overcome poverty. Don’t think from scarcity.

2. SEE – Having a macro-economic point of view, where you can see how each one of your economic decisions affects all the others increases prosperity. Don’t see micro.

3. MEASURE – Awareness and measurement of opportunity costs enables their recovery. Ignoring them loses money.

4. CASH FLOW – The true measure of prosperity is cash-flow. Don’t focus on net worth.

5. CONTROL – Those with the gold make the rules. Don’t lose control of your money.

6. MOVEMENT – The velocity of money is the movement of dollars through assets. Don’t just accumulate money where it is not moving.

7. MULTIPLY – Multiplying money means one dollar does many jobs. Don’t disable your dollars by having each dollar perform only one or two jobs.

Kerri Strug 1996 Olympics Vault

May 6, 2008

Above is one of the greatest moments in olympic gymnastics!

The US women were on the verge of an historic win in the team competition in Atlanta. Then the unthinkable happened: Dominique Moceanu, the youngest member of the team, fell on both of her vaults in the last event of the day.

With just a slim lead over the Russian team, it was essential that Kerri Strug, the final American gymnast to perform, nail her vault. But Strug fell too, injuring her ankle in the process. With just one more shot, Strug ignored her injury and ran down for another attempt, sticking her vault before crumpling to the floor in pain.

In doing so, she assured the American team its first Olympic team gold, and instantly became one of the most recognizable faces of the 1996 Games.

Tony Robbins tells this story when he talks about team, commitment, and raising your standards.

As we are developing our new elite team we talk of these things often.

I think about what worked well in the past, what didn’t and how to avoid the same mistakes.

It mainly came down to who you hire and who you don’t fire that makes up the dynamic.

We talk about demanding more than anyone else can!

We talk about pushing beyond limits!

We talk about not just being good but being OUTSTANDING!

We talk about following the system (rituals) and being coachable!

We talk about thinking BIG, work ethic and seeing the job through with tenacity and heart!

We talk about being a professional!

I hope that one day our team can be as strong and harmonic as the 1996 USA Team!

Are you inspired? Do you have the mental control to get up like Kerri?

The Word on the Street about Life Insurance

May 5, 2008

What’s the word on the street? Permanent life insurance is a valuable asset for any financial portfolio. It provides a guaranteed death benefit and a guaranteed return on your premium that can help you build wealth.

View CNBC’s four-minute video where news anchors Dennis Kneale and Sue Herera interview two independent financial advisers who endorse the value of life insurance for every financial portfolio.

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

May 5, 2008

Check out some history here and have a Corona today!

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