Coronado Grown – Bill Lyons

A somewhat accurate depiction of my story growing up in Coronado and what my companies have grown into today. I guess they had to make the story sound a little cooler but my dad never lost “most of his money” and I was never “forced” to work. Other than that it makes for a decent read that I hope you will enjoy…

Businessman Bill Lyons, left, took time off for a vacation in New York City. On the right is Will Dron, a friend from Chicago.

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One Response to “Coronado Grown – Bill Lyons”

  1. Brian Brady Says:


    I loved the story and have been an encouraging spectator of your meteoric rise.
    I moved to San Diego from AZ in 2003; you’re an ASU guy.
    I’ve been lending in Mexico since 1999; you have done it en masse.
    I office on CM Blvd and have seen the lion limo at lunch.
    I was flattered when you invited a connection on LinkedIn.
    I’ve been a TR fan since the early 90s and saw him two months ago; your name was mentioned.

    Now, your blogging. I think we’ll be seeing a lot of each other.

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