Super Energy!

After going on a week long cleanse (no solid food at all) through a Life Mastery program at Martineau Resort in Vieques Puerto Rico I came to realize that food is really just fuel for nutrition and energy NOT for indulgence. Indulging causes fatigue. I found that energy is simply how fast and easy your cells move and flow throughout your body.

I developed the following rituals that help me sustain explosive energy.


-Shot of Udo’s Oil (chase with a lemon and always keep in frig) Get in capsule version for travel. It is imperative that you are burning fat not sugar. This gives sustainable energy. No ups/downs. Click here for literature.

Organic Green Tea w/ Organic Lemon

PENTA Water Ultra premium purified hyper-absorption clean crisp water. You will never drink normal water again. Drink 1/2 your bodyweight in ounces throughout the day.

-Fresh Live Wheatgrass shot (Workup to 2oz) if you can’t do wheatgrass or if you are traveling the next best thing is a GREEN drink.

-Live Vegi Juice, Acai smoothie, or if you are in a hurry, like I always am, Buy organic Acai from Sambazon. I like the SuperGreen Revolution 10.5oz.


FRS or JUNGLE LOVE Antioxidant Energy Drink

-Organic Meal Replacement bars

Snacks throughout the day:

Coco-Chia Bars

Goji Berries (Available @ Wholefoods)

Juice version:


Dried version:
I like the juice version mixed with acai.




Wheatgrass (2oz.)


-Don’t eat within 3hours of going to bed

-Limit or eliminate alcohol. Replace with caffeine free Noni-Leaf Tea



-Rebound 2x daily. The best rebounder is on the market is ReboundAir


-Swim daily

-Run or Bike or Yoga daily

Structural support (stretching/chiropractic):

Dr. Rumel Llantada weekly


-Gym 3x/week


-Massage weekly

-Accupunture monthly

Mental Focus:

-Massive heart solution daily. Gratitude!

-Hypnotherapy monthly

-Incantations daily

Cleanse: “When the fish is sick change the water instead of medicating it” -Dr. Young

Available @ Cove Wellness monthly

The Weight Loss Cure They Don’t Want You to Know About


PH Level Sticks (Available at Wholefoods)

-Live Blood quantitative test (Available at Cove Wellness)

I am not claiming that I stick to this perfectly but most of the time. I do have my off days but for the most part stay on track.

4 Responses to “Super Energy!”

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  2. Christopher Says:

    And how much does all this cost you?

  3. thelyonsden Says:

    I think the more important question is “how much has it made me?” I can’t even begin to share with you what extra sustained energy and mental clarity can do for your emotions and pocketbook. I’ll admit it is a lifestyle shift and a little investment…but well worth it!

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