As one of the largest mortgage lead purchasers/generators in the nation we were awakened. It all started one day when I got a call from Matt Coffin. He let me know about a blog called “Morinsight.”

I guess the site had become a big hit and the author was becoming a big star. Little did I know at the time that the author was an employee of LEI.

My first thoughts were of anger.

I was thinking to myself… “No shit he became a star, he violated his confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements with LEI and shared all of LEI’s proprietary information with the “lead” buying industry for his own gain. If he is personally so ‘insightful’ why doesn’t he focus in on his job that he is paid to do and increase conversion?”

I told the team-member to immediately take the site down. Instead he tells me that he transferred the site to someone else in the industry and the site is now called “LeadCritic.” I later find out that this person “in the industry” is his brother-in-law. I knew that it would still be a distraction and that he would still be tempted to participate. The LEAD industry continues to surprise me my friends.

I guess more of a reason to ramp up organic lead generation.

Which we are BIG time!

Within the next 90days we will be riding into the sunset with exclusive organic leads (that weren’t sold 5x then 10x to trigger buyers then 10x to India follow up teams) avoiding the exponential perpetual conundrum of today’s mouse trap. Consumers are getting tired of it and most will NEVER fill out a form again online after going through the disaster.

We have a mission and a vision to execute, as I am sure you do. There is a huge opportunity for those who are willing to adapt to the NEW “professional-ERA” in this business. It is time not only to get efficient but EFFECTIVE! Leaders deal with adversity differently.

One secret I will let you in on….

I caution all true lead buyers (the owners of the company.) I, like most of you, have been designing our proprietary systems and work-flow for almost 7years now. They constantly need to be improved and built upon. Breakthroughs need to occur in order to be cutting edge. NO ONE can do that for YOU.

You’d have to be ignorant (or maybe just paranoid) not to wonder how many “side-deals” are being made.  

I know now that my anger was an over-reaction and the team member didn’t have any ill intentions but like I said we were awakened! AND I believe now that we are a better company because of it and our relationship has gone to the next level with the team-member. Some of our best people have come from overcoming adversity.

Your lead system is the key to the vault so don’t give the key away!

One Response to “LEADS LEADS LEADS!”

  1. Darryl Says:

    Very interesting set of cirumstances. I wonder if there was an oportunity to take advantage of the stardom rather than stiffle the conversation.

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