Key Success Indicators

Two things that have made me a lot of money in the past is:

1. writing down AND

2. tracking


I suggest using:

1. a large white board (at home or at your desk),

2. a small wallet size card and

3. if you really want to go the extra mile put something in the shower or on your frig.

I have seen some people do collogues out of magazines but I think you just need to imagine and focus in on would you want.

Your vision should be so clear you should be able to see yourself there in color, awake and while sleeping.

One thing I do know is that your focus must be razor sharp! 85% of your thoughts must be focused here and you can only allow yourself to indulge in 15% distraction.

In order to measure and manage your activities/indicators to stay on track toward your outcome I suggest:

1. another white board


2. an excel spreadsheet

“What does not get measured does not get managed”

In addition to focusing in on the direct activities that get you paid also manage your state.

Are you in a peak state in order to achieve your outcome?

Are you focusing in on the basics?

I always have found that you track things backwards

So for example if you were to want an outcome of $10,000/mo (which gets you financial freedom, debt free, new home, new car, more choices, trips with family, better school for kids etc etc)

If you were to say have an ave. gross sale of = $6,000 x 35% = $2,100/deal = 5 closings/mo

60% pullthrough = 8 submissions/mo

40% of APPS I send out come back = 20 APPS sent out/mo

It takes 60 hours of talk time/presentations/pitches per month to get 20 APPS sent out

In order to set up 40-50 presentations I need to make 2,000 dials/mo

Then you break it down from monthly to weekly to daily indicators so it looks something like this:

Month: $10K / 5deals / 8 subs / 20 APPS sent / 60 hrs / 2000 dials

Week: $2500 / 1deal / 2 subs / 5 APPS sent / 15 hrs / 500 dials

Day: $500 / ?deals / ? subs / 1 APP sent (or else I dont leave for the day) / 3 hrs / 100 dials

2 Responses to “Key Success Indicators”

  1. thelyonsden Says:

    LeadCritic reminds us all that we always need to focus and refocus in on our WHY

  2. Brian Brady Says:

    Excellent. How does one eat an elephant, Bill?

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