The Bill Lyons Explosive Energy, Anti-Aging, Alkaline, Vitality Diet! (Updated)

Since my vitality has been a little off track lately I decided to get back on track and update my daily schedule and vitality goals. Hopefully it gives you some ideas and inspires you towards greater vitality!

Fuel: (Food is for nutrition and energy not to indulge. Indulging causes fatigue)


-Water w/ Lemon (Room Temp)

-Green Tea w/ Lemon or Coffee (Never drink Coffee on an empty stomach)

Whey Isolate Protein Shake w/ MACA, Organic Berries, Banana, ACAIAloe Vera Juice, & Udo’s Oil (available @ Wholefoods in liquid or pill form. Keep in Frig.)

Burn fat not sugar. These essential fats give sustainable real energy not up/down

-Supplements: New Chapter One Daily, TwinLab Krill Oil, DHEA 50mg

-Wheatgrass (2oz.) or SuperGreens mixed w/ water (Don’t do Jamba Juice Wheatgrass it is weak! Go somewhere that it is potent)

-Distilled Water

PENTA (1/day)


Eggwhites w/ Organic Spinach or Protein Bar

-Distilled Water

Snacks throughout the day:

PomeZotic – Goji, Acai & Mangosteen blend


-Carrots w/ Hummus

-Distilled Water

-Emergen-C w/ MSM or Emergen-C ElectroMix

-Protein Bar (BodHealth)


FRS or Jungle Love (Healthy Energy Drink)

-Wheatgrass or SuperGreens


-Eat whatever the heck I want but not within 3hours of going to bed

-Melatonin 1-3mg (Currently looking for a good Melatonin Blend maybe with a little GABA, Valerian or Kava…)



Rebound daily


-Swim daily

-Run or Bike or Yoga daily

Structural support (stretching/chiropractic):

-Chiropractic weekly


-Gym 3x/week


-Massage weekly

-Accupunture monthly

Mental Focus:

-Massive heart solution daily

-Hypnotherapy monthly

-WhiteBoards everywhere with 5yr, 3yr, 1yr, monthly GOALS & Values

-Incantations daily

Cleanse: “When the fish is sick change the water instead of medicating it”

Cove Wellness monthly


-PH Level Sticks (Available at Wholefoods)

-Live Blood quantitative test / Panels (Available at Cove Wellness or Joe Dillon)

Please comment with any suggestions for improvement.

Thank You Bill Lyons San Diego & Coronado

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