For successful people like Bill Lyons, San Diego CEO and entrepreneur, there are few things more powerful than positive thought. Whether one is going to be successful as a business person, entrepreneur, artist, performer, teacher, parent, or at any other worthwhile endeavor, it’s important to retain a high level of positive thought, even when facing discouragement and crises. This is exactly the kind of attitude that has allowed Bill Lyons to become the flourishing entrepreneur and contributor that he is today.

Bill Lyons grew his former company from the ground up, starting from scratch and turning it into a booming enterprise bringing in $20 million per year and more than $3 billion in transactions within three years. As president and CEO of this firm, which quickly became one of the fastest-growing companies in San Diego, he managed more than 250 employees and a $6 million annual online marketing budget. Now he is involved with an exciting software start-up and eager to see what kind of opportunities he can build with this budding new company.

This kind of self-motivated attitude is exactly what Neil Strauss has written about in books such as the recently published “Everyone Loves You When You’re Dead” and other works, including “The Game” and “Emergency.” Although his most recent book chronicles two decades of touring and conducting intimate interviews with rock and rap stars as a journalist for magazines such as Rolling Stone, it is also quite relevant to the success of a businessperson or entrepreneur. After being put into very intimate situations with some of the most successful stars in the world, he has seen what it takes for someone to reach this level of success.

“Success comes from acting out of confidence, conviction, commitment and deservedness,” says Strauss, “no matter what critics, haters, and competitors are saying and thinking – with no fear of failure (and with no problem bouncing back undiscouraged if one doesn’t succeed at first).” He asserts a positive attitude and belief in oneself is what brought the most successful stars to where they are today – they believe they are destined for greatness, and so they are.

For entrepreneurs like Bill Lyons, San Diego is a great city to start up a new business, but for those with a negative attitude it doesn’t matter what city you’re in. Without a positive attitude and belief in oneself, success is never going to be long-lived.

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