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Happy Thanksgiving 2007!

November 22, 2007

To say that it has been a challenging year would be an under statement.

The ones with integrity, professionalism, unwavering faith, leadership and a deep sense of team will always find a way!

Some have learned from the recent challenges most have not and never will.

Most will still believe they deserve instead of being grateful for what they have.

A few have learned to have a higher tolerance threshold, to deal with adversity differently and elegantly, and yes some even accepted tests from above that helped us grow WAY beyond our limits.

Reflect on what we have been through, be grateful for it as it was priceless, grab it with a fist and put it away deep in your core because it will always be there for you as your fire within. It is now time to move on.

We are no longer in “recovery mode” we are in “rebuild mode” with more strength then ever before.

Love those around you today and express the utmost gratitude for who you are and what you have become.

If you are not who you are, live by your own design, starting today.

Live without limits!


PS “Wrong Bet!” -Lionheart

Creating an Extraordinary Life

October 12, 2006

Next level transformations utilizing Tony Robbins’ influence and technology. Create a culture that encompasses collaboration and synergy through enthusiasm, excitement, passion, and conviction. Find ways to constantly grow and improve. Design/Create your life! Do you have a Date With Destiny?

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