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I’m on the JUICE -Super Energy p2

October 4, 2007

One of The Lyons Den’s first posts was on Super Energy. I love vitality and being able to access unlimited explosive energy by fueling the body up with the right stuff. Vitality creates the energy that can conquer any stress. The Focus and clarity that can provide the intellect needed to compete in todays world. We must have a solid healthy vital base for everything else in our lives to be built on. Energy to me is simply the speed at which your cells move. If you eat heavy, acidic foods they are going to do nothing but slow you down -and worse age you. I don’t know about you but I am looking for everything and anything that is anti-aging.

Someone who read my Super Energy post mailed me a bottle of ACAI, an x-employee at the office gave me one to try but they just sat there collecting dust. It wasn’t until one of our customers who I consider a leader of influence drove all the way down from Corona with a couple of shot glasses (one from Miami and one from Cancun. I choose the one from Cancun) I hadn’t seen someone this excited about something in a long time. We said cheers and did a shot of this stuff…then another one…then another one.

It created a BUZZ!

It tastes good and it works. It has 2 of my favorite ingredients acai and goji berry. Needless to say I am hooked on the juice!

Power up today! -and do some shots with people

If Summer Redstone does it so should we!

The little-known Amazonian berry Acai is the “#1 super food in the world for age-defying beauty.” – Dr. Nicholas Perricone (Oprah Winfrey Autumn 2004)

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