PETCO DOG PARK (The Park at the Park)

I have never been much of an activist but this calls for some noise…

I live in Downtown San Diego and have been for over 5 years (before the ballpark.)

If there is an actual “whistler-blowers (train noise) society” downtown there should be one to keep the dog park at Petco!

I can’t even believe the amount of dogs downtown and from the most recent pool I have seen ($268K a door at an average square footage of 1100~) it is not nearly enough room for these guys to play.

It is one of the major pros of living downtown…have a zag day…grab a cup of joe on a Saturday morning, walk to the park with your dog, hang with some regulars, let your dog run till he/she can’t run anymore and then end up at Cafe 222 for some tasty breakfast.

Well folks on Friday the 18th of April 2008 PETCO has decided to close the park off to dogs. Some say it is because some neurotic lady complained because a dog ran past a kid and the kid fell down, some say its because the dogs were disturbing the bums sleeping in the park. I dont know about you but In my opinion dogs should have more rights than bums. Whatever the rumor is WHO CARES!

I can understand not letting the dogs in the park on game day but we need a park downtown to let dogs safely play and be active! It is the fun of downtown and one of the reasons PETCO park became PETCO park.

Downtown (unlike Old Town) is so dog friendly! – Let’s keep it that way!

If you want to re-open PETCO park to the dogs I encourage you to make some noise!

We need your help and support

You can also call The City of San Diego Park and Recreation Departmenet’s Planning and Development division at (619)525-8213

There is also a petition at the It’s A Grind Coffee House

2 Responses to “PETCO DOG PARK (The Park at the Park)”

  1. chrisdoesloans Says:

    We have Schiller Park in columbus. Fabulous place. Dog freindly cofee houses.

    I’d hate to lose that.

  2. Kristie Says:

    My little Puggle, Bella, and I had our morning routine down. Walk to Java Jones (awesome dog friendly coffee shop downtown) and then head over to Petco for playtime and social hour. Well, thanks to some sue happy citizen that went after the city for money, that has all changed. This morning I was walking Bella by Petco and she started pulling me into the park right past the absurdly large “all dogs must be on leash” sign. We walked through and it was just so sad and empty! a beautiful day when there would normally be plenty of friends for bella to run around with, but today there was no one, except for a few homeless catching some z’s in the shade. At least now they can rest in peace knowing that they won’t be bothered by any playful puggles or spunky spaniels. I don’t know about you but if my kids were playing in a park that my tax dollars paid for, I’d rather have them surronded by a bunch of friendly, well behaved city dogs than some (possibly) mentally ill homeless people looking for a place to spend their day. Let’s hope this doesn’t last, otherwise, I’m out of here!

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