Tony Robbins mixed with a little Ninjitsu!

  1. Decide if you want to STRETCH YOURSELF! If you do, (Double your Efforts), what are the reasons why? i.e. Work harder (I hope not), So I can BE more creative, experimental, faster pace, more fun, more $, get better? Convince yourself!

    2.   Commit to being RESPONSIBLE for your performance. Use the resources around you.

a.)   Fire yourself, rehire yourself.

b.)   Get out of your plateau/slump/depression and get back to feeling the feelings that move you! Who or   what do you love? What are you passionate about? Who says you can’t? Who are you obligated to prove wrong?

c.)   Eliminate negative thoughts and people. Fill your mind (or ipod) daily with powerful music, courses, classes, seminars, motivation etc.

d.)   Check back in! 


a.)   You know when you are being resilient when your center of tension is in the throat and/or heart NOT your solar plexus, abdomen or navel (those are the places you feel anger or fear)

b.)   When you are flexible you come from a position of strength and can ALWAYS dominate. You are coming from a place knowing that there is ALWAYS a way – not one with limits.

-Know your OUTCOME

-Take MASSIVE immediate all out ACTION towards it

-MEASURE if you are getting closer

-CHANGE YOUR APPROACH if you are not working and if that does not work change again, again,  again until it does 

      4.   Commit to being a TEAM PLAYER. Commit to being a leader. Commit to being a PROFESSIONAL

                 a.) Put customer #1. Come from a place of caring. Solve their problem.

                 b.) Ask yourself “how is this question or comment going to help us get to the common goal?”

                 c.) Don’t major in minor things. Major in Major things! In other words focus in on your target zones! The highest and best use of YOUR time…that is going to give YOU the highest return.

                 d.) Eliminate “Time Vampires” out of your sphere  

      5.   Maintain a high ENERGY LEVEL. It is tough sometimes but always worth it!

            a.) Demand more from yourself then anyone else

            b.) If you don’t have belief then one distraction will knock you off course

            c.) Enthusiasm is contagious!

 Print, save and ingrain.


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