The Seven Principles of Prosperity

1. THINK – Owning a prosperity mind-set will overcome poverty. Don’t think from scarcity.

2. SEE – Having a macro-economic point of view, where you can see how each one of your economic decisions affects all the others increases prosperity. Don’t see micro.

3. MEASURE – Awareness and measurement of opportunity costs enables their recovery. Ignoring them loses money.

4. CASH FLOW – The true measure of prosperity is cash-flow. Don’t focus on net worth.

5. CONTROL – Those with the gold make the rules. Don’t lose control of your money.

6. MOVEMENT – The velocity of money is the movement of dollars through assets. Don’t just accumulate money where it is not moving.

7. MULTIPLY – Multiplying money means one dollar does many jobs. Don’t disable your dollars by having each dollar perform only one or two jobs.

One Response to “The Seven Principles of Prosperity”

  1. FMoney Says:

    Thanks for the information. this theme too interests me. I shall read still.

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