Kerri Strug 1996 Olympics Vault

Above is one of the greatest moments in olympic gymnastics!

The US women were on the verge of an historic win in the team competition in Atlanta. Then the unthinkable happened: Dominique Moceanu, the youngest member of the team, fell on both of her vaults in the last event of the day.

With just a slim lead over the Russian team, it was essential that Kerri Strug, the final American gymnast to perform, nail her vault. But Strug fell too, injuring her ankle in the process. With just one more shot, Strug ignored her injury and ran down for another attempt, sticking her vault before crumpling to the floor in pain.

In doing so, she assured the American team its first Olympic team gold, and instantly became one of the most recognizable faces of the 1996 Games.

Tony Robbins tells this story when he talks about team, commitment, and raising your standards.

As we are developing our new elite team we talk of these things often.

I think about what worked well in the past, what didn’t and how to avoid the same mistakes.

It mainly came down to who you hire and who you don’t fire that makes up the dynamic.

We talk about demanding more than anyone else can!

We talk about pushing beyond limits!

We talk about not just being good but being OUTSTANDING!

We talk about following the system (rituals) and being coachable!

We talk about thinking BIG, work ethic and seeing the job through with tenacity and heart!

We talk about being a professional!

I hope that one day our team can be as strong and harmonic as the 1996 USA Team!

Are you inspired? Do you have the mental control to get up like Kerri?

One Response to “Kerri Strug 1996 Olympics Vault”

  1. Ed Says:

    I am not much of a gymnastics fan, but I vividly remember being glued to the set watching this… a true testament to putting TEAM above INDIVIDUAL, and to rising above adversity. It is a solid lesson for us to go by in buiding this company… hopefully the troops respond!

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