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Bruce Lee

August 19, 2009

Bruce’s philosophy I believe would say something like this…

@bill_lyons Defeating an opponent is not fighting fire w/ fire, it’s harnessing, utilizing, deflecting and transfering their energy into your power10:20 PM Aug 10th fromĀ Twitterrific

DR. Andrea Pennington, M.D. talks about living with Vitality on Fox Kansas

October 12, 2007

Dr. Andrea Pennington, a nationally known medical and wellness expert, touts the antioxidant benefits of Acai in an interview with Fox 4 News.

She talks to women about their health. Dr. Pennington is a medical and wellness expert who teaches how to live with more vitality and purpose. While her conference is sold out, she joined FOX 4 News for a little interview.

Hardly Alone

August 9, 2007

Brian often thought that he was the lone voice in San Diego, blogging about mortgages….

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